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Insurance companies are in business to make money. To make money, they collect insurance premiums, invest them and earn interest on your premiums. By paying claims, the pool of money insurance companies have to invest decreases. Carriers increase their bottom line by paying as little as possible on a claim, ignoring or denying damage on covered losses to reduce payments. Sometimes they deny the claim altogether, stating that the loss is due to lack of maintenance or some other non-covered issue. In many cases the property owner will trust the insurance adjuster and give up. This is how the insurance company wins.

Most people don’t realize that the adjuster sent by the insurance company to handle your claim has an incentive to protect the interests of the insurance company and in most cases those interests are not yours.

At CClaim Consulting, we have a proven track record with helping our clients compile the resources they need to endure the fight it can take to get what they rightfully deserve. The truth is, hiring a competent professional will increase your claim settlement, not cost you money. But don’t just take our word for it; see our testimonials. A loss to your business or residential property can be a traumatic and disruptive event. Worse yet, many people find that the frustration of dealing with their insurance company is even more distressing than the actual loss. Many insurance company agents or their adjusters often discourage claimants from retaining professional representation, telling them it will cost them money. They try to assure them that the insurance company will pay them everything to which they are entitled – without the help of professional representation. Unfortunately, this is not the way of insurance anymore and the majority of claimants are having to fight for what they are owed..

CClaim Consulting saves clients a significant investment of time in dealing with the effort it takes to fight the disputed claim process. How much is your time worth? Your investment of time in trying to handle your claim will distract you from your business objectives, your career and your family. The learning curve of engaging in a business with which you are unfamiliar will ultimately prove costly in both time and money.

Our professional representation encompass all documentation, coordinating inspections, inventory evaluations, weather research, and income analyses on your claim. We have cultivated relationships with a network of champions in their respective fields. When you decide to engage our services, you are getting priority treatment, industry specific experts and years worth of knowledge.

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