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“As usual the insurance companies try to take advantage of you. After finally getting an adjuster to check out my leaking roof, they came back to me with a rejection of claim, stating I could fix it with less than a thousand dollars. After getting in touch with CCLAIM I felt at ease having them handle this injustice, so I could concentrate on work. It only took them a couple of months to hire the right experts and compile the necessary reports that resulted in a fair offer to have my roof completely replaced. I would totally recommend them, thank you CCLAIM!”
~ J. Pinet, San Antonio Homeowner

“I tried dealing with the insurance company myself and even a public adjuster.  When the response from the insurance company didn’t change, that’s when I reached out to CCLAIM.  I had given up hope in getting anything from the insurance company to pay for the losses.  Before I hired CCLAIM my carrier had paid $0 on the claim.   I was able to get the insurance company to settle for $300,000 after hiring CCLAIM.  That is a huge delta from nothing and it speaks for itself!  CCLAIM kept me informed every step of the way.  I would absolutely without a doubt use CCLAIM again!”
~ C. Patel, Regional Hotel Owner


CCLAIM came to my rescue. My Claim had been delayed and then underpaid by over $100,000. In less than 3 months my contractor and the team at CCLAIM worked together to get me a fair settlement and a new roof. I can now move on with my business. CCLAIM was as professional and as first class as they come when helping me through this claims process. Thanks CCLAIM.”
~ R. Flowers, Regional Business Owner

“After a large hail storm, we were struggling getting our insurance company to pay for the repairs to the damage to four downtown historic buildings we manage. When we got CClaim involved, it was a relief.  They lifted the burden from us trying coordinate, pay for and manage all the experts needed to fight the unfair decision.  They handled our case with the up-most professionalism and were transparent through-out the process.”
Owner, Abilene Property Management Firm

Property owners can sometimes have tough times and need additional support to help them through their claims.  Recently, many states changed their laws and no longer allow a contractor to work directly with the insurance company on a property loss.  CCLAIM Consulting, with their knowledge and experience in commercial and residential claim support, will be able to assist our clients when they need help with their claims.
~ Pat Nussbeck, CEO Aspen Contracting

“We own a small commercial business in Dallas and as other business owners can relate, we pay a lot in insurance premiums each year to ensure we have property protection when we need it.  Unfortunately for us, our insurance company didn’t want to pay our property claim after a hail storm caused damage and leaks to our metal roof.  Thanks to CClaim Consulting, we had a team of experts on our side walking us through the disputed claim process.  Their compassion, professionalism and organization made it a seamless process for our family.”
~ SZ Family & Owner, Dallas Retail Store

Following a severe hailstorm, a group of houses that my company manages was severely underpaid by the insurance company and we were unable to make adequate repairs with the amount we received. We were concerned about coming out of pocket to make the needed repairs to the roof, but we did not see any other options after the insurance company’s response. Not knowing our options or the right next step, by luck, I was introduced to CCLAIM Consulting. Vince and his stellar team were able to assist us with the team of experts and financing it took to have a fair fight.  We ultimately were paid exactly what we needed to fix our properties. They also did it in less than 2 months!  The amount the insurance company settled for was 10 times more than what they originally offered.  We highly recommend and refer CCLAIM to any property owner who has been underpaid or mistreated by their insurance company.
~ Robert K, Baton Rouge Property Management Firm Owner