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iclaimWhen you enlist our services, we will have your policy comprehensively reviewed and assist in complying with your policy’s requirements. In essence, we offer our clients a wide range of service offerings, which include:

• Assisting the policyholder in determining if a valid insurance claim exists
• Obtaining a detailed estimate of damages to the structure of your business
• Quantifying code upgrade costs if they are covered in your policy
• Defending property insurance claims with the top experts in the industry
• Supporting construction after the successful resolution of the insurance claim
• Analyzing all construction estimates by preparing a formal bid comparison to identify opportunities or omissions
• Preparing detailed inventories for all of your businesses property; personal property, stock, equipment and improvements
• Properly calculating your loss of business income, rental income, and extra expenses


CClaim Consulting helps home owners evaluate and analyze the cause and scope of damages to their property. We work alongside area contracting experts to form a team all working together on your behalf.

Condominium insurance cases are not like other claims. Responsibility for property damage is determined in the by-laws of the condominium association. The interests of individual owners and the condominium association must be taken into account.

Damage from fire, hail, hurricane or tornado can prevent your business from operating and may affect productivity, profit and stock value. When an insurance company refuses to fully and promptly pay insurance claims, the resulting losses can be disastrous!

Municipalities are responsible for keeping water flowing, trash collected, and power grids up and running. In the event of a major catastrophe, cities and towns must find the means to make sure these services either remain intact or are back in service as quickly as possible. Having represented policyholders of all types, CClaim Consulting is eminently qualified to help municipalities and local governments recover fully.

Damage to a church or religious facility from a fire, hurricane, wind, rain, theft, vandalism or tornado can shut your organization down. When an insurance company refuses to fully and promptly pay claims, the resulting losses can affect many individuals in your congregation.

Consultants at CClaim offer industrial insurance claim analysis, evaluation and consultation to determine the cause and scope of damage to industrial structures caused by a covered peril, material and construction defects, improper loading conditions and water damage. Repair cost estimates and schedules will provide a guide for correcting structural defects and ultimately prosecuting a claim against the insurance carrier.